Meet Up in NYC - Campbell's Were Absent

Okay, so Jack and I weren't able to go to NYC for the meetup with Kris Carr and the Crazy Sexy group this past weekend like I wanted - but I felt like we were there in spirit. We were completely bummed, but that is the way it turned out.

It is such a bummer to get laid off. What a the same week I get a 25 year federal service pin* and Jack gets a severance package. Have a nice day.

All is good though. We went out to play tennis tonight, or should I say hit some balls around. I actually could hit a tennis ball. This is pretty big news. I have been working hard on my strength and I think it is paying off.

Hugs to all,

*What?! Can you believe that? And yes, I REALLY did start out as a teenager!
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Michelle J said...

You were there in spirit, for sure! I even said hello to you! :O)

Tina said...

Thanks Michelle! You are a sweetie!