Let's Talk Straws for a Minute

Plastic straws made with petroleum are so yucky for the environment and potentially you, especially if you drink hot fluids from them. Please, if you do continue to use them STOP using them for hot stuff. Double yucky.

For alternatives, the following links are for "better" straws for you and the environment:

For biodegradable straws made from corn (only for cold drink) - these work great!:
Green Home
Green Earth Office Supply
World Centric

or for (very cool) Glass Straws that you can use for hot or cold:
Living Nutrition

Slurp it up!


Kristen's Raw said...

I love 4-hour work week, too!

And, I love my glass straws - just don't hit your tooth on them ;)

Debbie said...

I love you...This is another reason I need to stop drining diet soda's, thank you for your research!!!!!!
Your blog/website is unbelievable and a wealth of information. Keep it up we all enjoy it.....

Anonymous said...

oops "drinking"
Luv - Debbie