Cafe Gratitude

I recently came across a recommendation for a book called I Am Grateful by Terces Engelhart and Orchid. Wow, what a great book and insight into the lifestyle of the abundant couple, Terces and Matthew. This book includes recipes from their San Francisco based cafes, along with lifestyle tidbits. I love the names of the dishes on their menu and in the book, such as "I Am Passionate", I Am Ravishing", and "I Am Grace". Isn't that fabulous? When you order your food in the restaurant you ask for them by this name and when your server brings them to you they proclaim as the are sitting down your desired dish that "You Are Passionate", "You Are Ravishing", and "You Are Grace". I love that.

Prior to the epiphany of the cafe concept, they came up with a board game called The Abounding River that, based on my reading, explores the mind/eye opening experience of how abundant we all really are. They also have a workbook to further encourage that way of thinking, and ultimately of living that lifestyle. The illustrations throughout the game, workbook,and their cafes are by artist Frank Riccio and are awesome. After developing the board game and book, the idea came to Terces and Matthew to open a cafe serving plant based foods that would continue to uplift and inspire, and from what I have seen, I think they have succeeded. It is uplifting to read about it all in their book and on their website:

They have several awesome cafes in the San Francisco area, which just makes me want to go out there for a raw cuisine visit even more. My mouth waters as I read through the recipes - "I am Hoping" to be able to enjoy their abundance in the future. Thanks to two more people striving to make a positive impact in the world!

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