Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Random Thoughts I recently shared with Jack:

I think we get a taste of the meaning of life when we are faced with a situation of immediate and/or intense fear - diagnosis of suspicious lump, a catastrophe, etc ...it is that moment of pure clarity that has so much life vitality. If I could bottle that feeling it would be the most wonderful gift I could ever give to anyone. The goal would be to live with that feeling right in front of you as often as possible. I can only describe the clarity like this - for brief moments you give yourself to the universe, everything feels connected, and anything seems possible.

The majority of us move through life with mediocrity - that's not to say we are unhappy with our lives, but it is to say humans tend to only do what needs to be done instead of making our dreams possible.

- Tina (me), March 19, 2008


faye said...

That is really beautiful. Positive in a way that is hard to express...but why would I when you did such a fabulous job here? Peace.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the awesome comment Faye!
Hugs, Tina