Did You See the Article About Me?

Hi all,

In case you didn't see me in the Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine, here is the link to the article about Me!

Tina in the Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine!

I am bringing this to everyone's attention because the lovely author and President of St. Conti Communications, Donna St. Jean Conti, was honored this month as a member of the team that produces the magazine. The Missouri Association of Publications (MAP) awarded the fall 2007 issue of Breast Cancer Wellness magazine the 2007 Dan Ranly Award for “Best Issue” in the consumer category.

The St. Conti Communications News Release says, "Breast Cancer Wellness is a division of ONE Health Institute, an IRS qualified 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit foundation (ONE Health Institute). The mission of Breast Cancer Wellness is to help empower the healing journeys of breast cancer patients and survivors by providing education and support how the mind, body and spirit affects the overall well-being of a person. Breast Cancer Wellness provides the only free magazine in the country for breast cancer patients and survivors that embraces holistic health and wellness."

The magazines link is: Breast Cancer Wellness.

Congratulations Donna!


Donna St. Jean Conti said...

To the beautiful and funny Ms. Tina, CONGRATULATIONS on your one-year anniversary. That is fabulous news. It's wonderful to read--through your words--your ethusiasm for life and all its joys. You truly are an inspiration. Thanks very much for posting our exciting news about the Dan Ranly award and for your kind words about me. Live, love & laugh! BTW - I followed the link from your blog and signed the organic farming petition. DSJC.

Patty Laverdet said...

At least once a week I take a little break and check out your blog. Just finished the article and it was just like you, so upbeat and fun. Keep up the good work kid - we all love you! Patty