February 4, 2008 - Nevis and Formal!

Well, here is the cruise crew while aboard the cruise ship last week! What a fabulous time with tons of memories!! This is the first formal night - don't we look grand? We didn't even plan the all black thing (except the boys of course since they were in their tuxedos!). The ship did pretty good with my special diet needs - after the first day or so! More to come soon.

ps - so sorry for being behind on entries! With the holidays, then 2 business trips (AK and Denver), then the cruise, and minor surgery there has been little time for play! Also, when I am posting here, I am going back and post dating entries so the date remains correct!


Welcome to St Kitts! What a blast!

Oh here is a fun photo of some rockin' ship mates from a catamaran cruise we took from St. Kitts to Nevis. We just met these ladies, but boy did we have a great dancin' time on the boat!

I hope you girls found my site and that you are okay that I posted this photo of us!

me and my sweetie - what more can i say?


debbiedoesraw said...

Hey Tina
It's Debbie from csc! Wow, you and your family are a gang of cuties!
So great to see you in person.. did you ask me for wheatgrass?
get me your address if you did not already!

Tina said...

Thanks Deb - I got the wheatgrass! I will keep in touch and let you know how it compares to the Sheldon Farm!

Thanks again, Tina