Thursday, September 6, 2007

Riley, Tina, and KrisI am feeling pretty good following last week's surgery and want to thank my "posse" (more on that in a sec) for once again feeding us during this recovery period. Your love and generousity are boundless and such a blessing for us.

Next item - we went to a book signing Wednesday night by author and producer, Kris Carr on her new book Crazy, Sexy Cancer. It was also a documentary that aired last week on TLC. I put her link to the right for your viewing and reading pleasure. It was delightful. It was inspiring. She calls her support group her "cancer posse" and I think that is great! Along with the cancer and nutrition insights, it also gave me inspiration to continue with my own writings -watch out cancer chicks! I always thought I wanted to be a teacher and/or write a book someday so maybe that will come to be - who knows, right!? Stay tuned on that! I also bought another book that she recommended, The Raw Food Detox Diet, and it looks like my eating habits will take on an even stricker regimen to add to my current organic fruit/veggies, flax oil, and wheatgrass!

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Shira said...

Oh, I would of loved to of been able to go to one of Kris Karr's book signings.... I admire her so much!

I think it is fantastic that you want to continue with your writings, I am sure that you have a lot of great insights to share.

I am trying to do the same and have started an online community for people to share their journey.... Maybe you would like to come and check it out or even join....

I look forward to reading more about how your raw food diet is going. I am very interested in it and would like to learn more.

With Joy,