The Homecoming

This is one angle of the fun banner that was hanging in the house (and still is as of 4/5!) when I came home on Fri, Mar 30th. I had tears in my eyes and got weak in the knees. I do even as I type these words right now.

This beautiful gift gardening basket is from Nanette, Gloria, and Debbie - so very lovely and functional too! There is another large green plant (not in photo) that is wonderful!

These are from the Campbell family in Philly - Mom and Dad C, Brian, Barb, the girls, and Jeanne and the kids- these are the most vibrant colors you can imagine! Absolutely gorgeous!

Another shot of! This is April 4th just as we were leaving for the doc's office to have the two drains removed. The last bit of plastic gone. Yeah.

April 4, 2007 - These are the flowers from my dear long time school friends - Jeannine, Julie, Rose and Caryn. They are simply divine!

The tiara is a fabulous gift from girlfriend, Johnette. Stunning!

This was taken after the drain removal and I was able to wear a normal blouse!

This fab ensemble is from Ms. Johnette - how much fun is this? I, of course, have already worn the tiara, boa (the best one I have seen), the adorable socks and the pjs. Jo - you are awesome! The pig is too cute and is currently on the fireplace mantle.

One of my absolute favorite flowers - and it was also our wedding flower! These lovely gerbera daisies were from Chris, Dale and Carrie. Thank you for the beautiful sunshine these have brought to my bedside.

Just home from hospital (note the bracelets!) and taking it all in.

Riley picked out the yellow daisies all on his own and Sarah found the most gorgeous pink flowers, but I do not know their name - ?

The atrium style green plant basket from Ceil and Dennis is amazing!! I love it! There are some small orange flowers in there too which I think are pintas.

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