The Girl

Well, here is the newest up and coming Playboy Bunny!! Tee-hee-hee!
This was taken on Friday, March 30th, which was two days post op.


Julie W said...

Forever the over-achiever. You look great. I continue to pray for you and your family! Answered prayer on the lymph nodes results. Fantastic!Keep those positive thoughts going but then again, you don't know how to be any other way but positive. Just know you all are on my heart and I'll be checking up on you regularly.
Lots of Love,
Julie Emery Wassum

Shelly said...

I just love this Tina! I haven't found the right time to stop by; however, as I stated in an earlier e-mail, you are in my thoughts many minutes of each day.
You look fantabulous and considering the outcome of your most successful surgery, you could not be in a better place right now (under these circumstances).
Thank you so very much for creating this blog. I will visit often to keep up with the latest good news.
With love, Shelly Johnson

Ceil said...

Hi Tina,

the blog site is wonderful and a great way to see the photos. Riley looks adorable, as do you, and also Jack (:

Take it easy these first few weeks, as I am sure you are, and it will make recovery swifter.

Have a very blessed Easter with your lovely family...the most important thing in life.

Ceil and Dennis