Come Learn Green Juicing With Me!

Green Juicing has been such a powerful force in my breast cancer healing journey. I love what it has done for me on every level imaginable. Because of my passion for Green Juicing, I actually wrote a book and have also started offering a very easy to follow juicing program called:

It is truly awesome and is a deal at $ get 6 videos, my Juice Yourself Healthy book and some beautiful bonuses, including my exclusive interview with Karen Knowler, The Raw Food Coach, about my healing journey with raw/living foods, a great ebook by coach, Laurie Erdman, AND a self-care guide that will rock your world with hot tips from 12 experts!

As a three time breast cancer survivor, I have been through the trenches baby, and as a result, I have a lot of great information to share with you, no matter where you are on your wellness path!

Start a Green Juicing program wherever you are right now?
You bet luv.


Andrew said...

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CL said...

Love green juicing but keep in mind that it likes the fibre intake of just eating the vege