Benefiting from Holistic Treatments

Aside from breast cancer, there are also patients suffering from another disease that are benefitting from an adequate, raw diet and active lifestyle. With mesothelioma, we have a disease that benefits greatly from holistic, alternative treatments when some traditional treatments have been proven ineffective. Like patients suffering from breast cancer, those exhibiting mesothelioma symptoms have also found tremendous benefits by supporting the body’s natural ability to heal and fight disease by adopting treatments that improve energy, attitude and nutrition. By taking into account all aspects of their health, those diagnosed with a difficult disease can find effective treatments by adopting a new course of health management that does not focus on the presence of cancer to the exclusion of other important issues.

Although mesothelioma is not a disease proven to be brought on by poor nutrition, the diet of a patient is an important aspect of battling the disease. As noted, a good diet will likely not prevent cancer from occurring; however there are undoubtedly a great number of positives to a patient that is living on a raw diet.

For a mesothelioma patient, fresh fruits and vegetables should be the bulk of the diet, as well as buying only organic foods and taking in fluids that are generally high in vitamins such as certain juices. This will not only help the patient’s body to function properly, but also in fighting the diseases. The intake of these types of food will also help the body get antioxidants, which can be of great assistance in avoiding diseases and maintaining good health. These antioxidants get into the body and prevent oxidation of other molecules, working as a scavenger to help remove free radicals that can sometimes destroy our cell structure.

One of the most important factors in this disease is the latency period. This is the gap between when the patient is first exposed to asbestos fibers and the time of development of the disease. This period can sometimes be one of the longest as far as diseases go and last for nearly fifty years. During this time, symptoms of the disease may not be seen for decades after exposure.

This period is important because diagnosis can often be confused with other diseases and be relatively unfamiliar to patients. Living a positive and active lifestyle can be a huge factor in the morale and outlook for many different patients, but specifically important when it comes to those diagnosed with mesothelioma. As you can see, it can be just as much as a mental struggle as a physical struggle.

This is another reason that a raw diet can be particularly crucial and beneficial, as overcoming the latency period is a primary factor in mesothelioma life expectancy. Health and nutrition are also playing a large part in the treatment of these patients. Other main factors are quite common in overall health, such as age, type of mesothelioma, and smoking. Smoking is a key, as it can reduce life expectancy even in cases of people with good general health.

With some high intensity treatments being introduced to help fight the disease, both nutrition and overall health are also very important in the sense that without either, the ability to receive the best treatment is impossible. This is where maintaining a physical and active lifestyle during the latency period is also a key. With many patients being diagnosed at an older age, strength is often an issue when it comes to treatment. With a number of new treatments, coupled with a rise in overall life expectancy in the next twenty years, doctors are hoping to improve the outlook for patients.

Through this we can learn that a good, raw diet and active lifestyle is doing wonders to not only help patients of specific diseases such as breast cancer, but is also helping victims of other diseases improve their life expectancy and overall health.

- By Guest Blogger, Krista Peterson
Krista is an aspiring writer from the University of Central Florida. She is a Health & Safety Advocate with a passion for the health and wellness of others, and uses her writings to spread awareness of such issues. Krista can be reached via email at:

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