Bone Scan, MRI, and CT Scans....Oh My!

Whew! I have been mighty busy in October with all kinds of tests since they took out a small nodule (thought to be a sebaceous cysts) and found some cancer cells. Damn. Apparently, this is classified as a local recurrence, which is fairly rare in bilat mast cases (like me). I guess this makes me a two-time cancer survivor (that sucks), BUT - GOOD NEWS! All the tests have resulted in clean, beautiful results! YIPPEE! I have one more test to do (just added on), but will be waiting until January I think. Spread the finances a bit, ya know?!

As part of my wellness plan, I will be going to the Hippocrates Health Institute in the near future.

Anyway, just sending an update that I am feeling great and moving forward!
Hugs, Tina

This is Riley and I at the "Mom Prom" on 10/18/2009!


Binner said...

Hey Tina! Glad to hear the good news on your tests! How'd you find the nodule, if I may ask? I can't seem to do much 'checking' on my bilat, maybe cause I have saline implants? My pec muscles are 'thick' too! You sound great! Thanks for all the blogging you do! Binner

Tina said...

Hi sweetie! So glad to hear from you! I was just reaching over to rub a spot outside my armpit. At first I thought it was a seam in my shirt, but alas, it was a small hard nodule about the size of a pea. The doc said it was in that small layer of breast tissue that has to be left after a mast (just between the skin and the muscle).

Be good and talk soon!
Hugs, Tina