My "Typical Day" Changes Again

Yep, as expected, the daily regime gets tweaked again.... After seeing Tonya Zavasta in June, I have been practicing what she does and that is - no evening meal. This is an interesting concept and she has lots practical reasons and research behind the practice. I know I have felt much better and sleep wonderfully. The couple of nights that I have eaten something in the evening, I find my sleep is terribly interrupted. Perhaps I am just more in tune with that now...

If you get a chance to see Tonya speak live, or to read on of her books, you should do so. Very intelligent (advanced degrees in engineering and mathematics), very funny, and an ambassador for how living foods can change your life and make you look healthy and vibrant while giving you superior health. She faced health challenges all her life and is now the picture of health and beauty - and at age 51, she made the cover of Get Fresh magazine - WOW!

Tonya and Tina

Anyway, this post really wasn't intended to promote Tonya (although I love her), but rather to say, that we must keep tweaking our lifestyle to support our bodies/minds in achieving and maintaining superior health and vibrancy! Get the glow baby!

Hugs, Tina

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