Face Painting!

Hi there,

Just a quick note to say hello and to share my newest crazy interest ~ FACE PAINTING! I started a few weeks ago - before Riley's birthday - and really feel a connection with it. So, in my usual form, I have a couple classes set up in May to learn more. I am anxious to see where this journey will take me! With my entertainment background in dancing and at Disney, I know this has a side to it that I have always found so interesting... performing, being creative, and being "on stage". So, it may just be something I do for fun and on occasion or.... ya just never know!

Hugs, Tina


Andrew said...

Hey Tina

All the best with the face painting. Face Painting Rocks, but OK I am biased. :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Tina! I literally just stumbled onto your blog today! I just wanted to say that your face painting is beautiful! : ) I work with preschool age children and they love it. I hope you are doing well! I'm working on a high-raw (lots of fruit and low-fat eating style. Thanks for the inspiration!

Take care! : )