March 2009 Update - Pinkie and Hip

So, I have been continuing to go the hand specialist for my pinkie. It is really looking great and he is quite pleased with the, I am supposed to be massaging it to work out the very hard lump of scar tissue. This is something everyone should know...use Vitamin E and massage your scar and/or scar tissue every day. This works wonders!

Along with seeing that doc, I also saw another doc in the same firm for my (continued) hip pain. I brought in my August bone scans and they a few more x-rays as well. All is good. He said he was giving me a "big dose of reassurance" that everything was okay. I guess he thought I was concerned about cancer, but at that point, I really wasn't!! I just want to find out why I keep having this pain in my left hip - especially after I run/walk vigorously. They ruled out arthritis issues as well and indicated it must just be muscular tissues that have been injured and are slow to heal. Okay, so no cancer or arthritis....that is all good, but it is still disturbing that no one can tell me the 'real deal'.

Anyway, speaking of bone scans...I got all my August images on CD and they are super cool to look at! It is my whole body in a skeletal view....awesome!

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