Happy September 2008!

Well, another milestone! I passed my one year anniversary of the implant surgery - surgery #2. Wow, I cannot believe how fast this year went by - so, so amazing. Big love to you all!

I just finished watching StandUp2Cancer - very inspiring. I have put a link to the right if you would like to learn more and how you can support it.

Riley started kindergarten on Tuesday and is loving it. He isn't loving not having a nap and was pretty much exhausted each night this week. He looks so grown-up and so sweet. Love it!

I have "upped" my exercise and eating habits this past week, but feel much more stressed about work and related events than I should. I can physically feel the stress in my body...gotta focus on releasing the stress better/more than I have been.

Lastly, still no home pc. That is why updates - and photos - have dried up considerably of late. But, be patient!


Carol said...

Congrats Tina!!

I came across your blog while putting together info for a friend of mine with breast cancer. I love all your raw/vegan links. So important.

Have you read The China Study? If not, you'll love it. I went vegan before I was done reading! While I don't plan to go 100% raw, I'm working on getting up to that higher percentage.

Tina said...

Thanks Carol and good on ya girlfriend! I have heard sooooo much about The China Study and need to read it to keep up with conversations!

Thanks and keep in touch, Tina