Bone Scan Tomorrow

I had x-rays taken last week to take a look at my left hip joint since it has been causing me pain since I "trained" for the Komen Race for the Cure 5K in May 2008. Due to the chronic nature of this discomfort (which varies at times to mildly annoying to real zingers), they opted for an x-ray to look for arthritis, avascular somethin', somethin', or cancer. Breast cancer.

Good news was that the films were normal! Yippee! However, they want to do a bone scan (tomorrow) and gave me the option if I wanted to have it performed. Duh, of course I will. Well...I am all for it, except for the radioactive material they have to inject me with - how do you detox from that??!

Anyway, I have placed some links at right under Tina's Hot (Pink) Spots about bone scans and other medical tests/treatments - the top two links are new.

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Jane from CSL said...

Tina, In bone scans, you are given a radioactive substance that collects in the bone tissue and may "light up" in areas of high cellular activity. The best thing you can do is drink plenty of fluids and follow any other instructions given to you by your nuclear med doc. Radiation is broken down ( decays ) in it's own time and there is little else one can do.

Here's what Radiology Info has to say about the the radiotracer given intravenously:

" Through the natural process of radioactive decay, the small amount of radiotracer in your body will lose its radioactivity over time. In many cases, the radioactivity will dissipate over the first 24 hours following the test and pass out of your body through your urine or stool. You may be instructed to take special precautions after urinating, to flush the toilet twice and to wash your hands thoroughly. You should also drink plenty of water to help flush the radioactive material out of your body."

See entire article here:

Heres a few others you may find helpful:

Posted this in CSL too! Good luck today!

Michelle J said...

Hi pretty lady! Sorry you are going through this crap! I am praying for you and of course sending you healing good vibes!

How's your adorable son doing?

Helena S. said...

I wonder when will they find a less damaging treatment for cancer? And when will they start seriously supporting organic food production the removal of carcinogens from the environment? I don't like the way things are going on this planet on the whole.

Helena S. said...

-and- missing... :-)

Tina said...

Thanks for the comments and support! I am doing well, but still no results yet.

I will keep everyone posted!

Hugs, Tina