National Race for the Cure - June 7, 2008, Washington DC

June 7th 2008 - This was the day of the National Race for the Cure in DC. What a fabulous (and quite warm!) day! I was part of the Postal Team at HQs and due to the wonderful support of friends and family was able to raise a total of $1375 for the event - thanks everyone!

A small group of friends, along with Jack and Riley, made the foggy trek into the nation's capitol for the 5K walk at 6am. As it turned out, Lisa, Chris and I ran the event and made it to the finish line in about 39 minutes. It was blazing by the time we finished due to the humidity.

Then, the staff in the Survivor's Tent asked me to participate in the "Best Costume" because of my t-shirt and guess what??!! I came in second place! What a hoot! I also had more pictures taken of my chest (and back) than I have ever had in my life...too funny. I handed out some little cards with my blog address, so if any of you lovely ladies are checking this out - hello to you!!!

So I have posted some photos for your viewing pleasure!

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