Saturday, December 15, 2007

My raw, organic, vegan food journey has been rather amazing. Many people (imagine that) are taken aback by the concept of it, but I must admit there is a lot of curiosity. If folks ask, I am more than happy to talk about it...but I start with small increments to determine if they are really interested. It is a lot of overwhelming stuff and very difficult for some people to imagine, and I understand that. There are many resources to start a slow transition to this way of eating - or just to simply includes more fruits and veggies into anyone's diet! Every single one of us can benefit from more fresh, organic produce everyday - I wish for each of you to try adding a couple more servings in your life daily...

The food is amazing - I love the new gazpacho and mediterrean hummus I make. Also, some of the veggie wraps are awesome! I cannot begin to describe the energy and overall feeling I have after practicing this for almost 3 months. I am (still) not experiencing any headaches (used to have severe sinus issues 3-5 times a week), still have not had a single menstrual cramp, and only felt very tired for one day when I (guess) I came down with the flu that had those around me out (very ill) for 2-4 days. Everyday I know that I am feeding myself the best, most nutritious food available. My food is my healing medicine, my energy, and it is sooooo exciting!

I have recently found a new market here locally called My Organic Market, or MOM, which is incredible. They also price match, so guess what?? They are better than Whole Foods, or any of the little funky health food places I frequent. The closest one is actually not far from work (or from where I lived for 5 years) so I can make it there with some pre-planning.

Well, that's it for organic thought for now...Happy Holidays!!

To your health, Tina

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