Monday, April 16, 2007

I am doing lots and lots of reading, both online and in books. Topics include cancer (obviously), politics (about cancer), drugs (Tamoxifen), chemotherapy, Oncotype DX testing, Mrs. Edwards, Susan G. Komen, Dr. Susan Love, herbs, history of herbs treating cancer (very interesting), whole foods, nutrition, flax oil recipes, and more. It is overwhelming. It will likely come as no surprise to most of my friends and family that I have immersed myself into my own world of research. It will also come as no surprise that in addition to my gluten/wheat-free diet, I will be incorporating an even more whole food approach and in fact have already started. One item I read that caught my attention was an author (I believe Quinllin) that said if the food it doesn't rot or mold it should not be other words, it should not have any preservatives and should be fresh. Of course, that is only the tip of the iceberg since even foods that would fit that criteria are still full of bad elements.

I am feeling well and have regained a great deal of range of motion in my arms now. There is still quite a bit of tightness and driving is (still) out for now. I have experienced some very tired periods the last several days, but have taken rests when needed. I do not feel I have enough hours in the day to read everything I need to read. I have stacks of books and multiple websites open at any given time. Please feel free to forward me the name of any material you think would be beneficial or interesting.

Once again I must profess that I am thankful for all the support I have received and am comforted to know that assistance is only a phone call away, should I need it. It is a feeling that has been overwhelming upon my return home from the hospital and I do not know if I shall ever be able to convey my heartfelt gratitude completely. I will try very hard.

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